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Vehicle Exchange Program At
Herb Chambers Lexus of Sharon

Looking to upgrade your Lexus to a new model? With the Herb Chambers Lexus Exchange Program, you can do exactly that while keeping your car payment the same or lower than what you were paying before. Our Lexus dealer near Walpole, MA, wants to see you in the driver's seat of a new Lexus, and we will thanks to this incredible Lexus trade-in program. With our talented team of Lexus salespeople, you'll always get treated with dignity and respect when you walk through the showroom doors. And when you visit any Herb Chambers Company, you'll gain access to plenty of resources you'll find valuable when shopping for a new Lexus. Ask us about our Lexus lease specials and take advantage of the Lexus exchange program today.

You're probably wondering -- what are the Herb Chambers Lexus Exchange Program benefits? Our Lexus trade-in special is designed to make sure you get the new Lexus SUV or sedan you want without costing you more than you were already paying. Not only will we pay above market value for your current vehicle, our Lexus finance department will provide you with great auto loan rates and Lexus warranty options you've bound to love. Plus, when you upgrade to a new Lexus, you'll be spending less on Lexus maintenance than you were with your older model. Stay on the cutting edge of Lexus technology when you take advantage of the Herb Chambers Lexus Exchange Program. That new Lexus UX Crossover or Lexus GX SUV is never out of reach when you ask us about this great Lexus offer. Hurry down now and find out if this Lexus offer applies to you!

If you’re thinking about exchanging your current vehicle for a new Lexus, one of our Pre-Owned vehicles, or if you’re just curious to find out the value of yours – contact one of our Herb Chambers Lexus Vehicle Exchange Managers.

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Vehicle Exchange Manager
Direct Line: 508-404-1519

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