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  • Sean King
    Lexus Certified General Manager

    Welcome to Herb Chambers Lexus!

    What is your favorite Lexus model?

    In a lineup filled with gorgeous and versatile luxury vehicles, my favorite Lexus is the LX.

    What kind of car do you drive?

    I trust in Lexus luxury so much that I myself drive a Lexus LX.

    How long have you worked in the automotive industry?

    I've worked in the automotive industry for 21 fantastic and inspiring years.

    What is your favorite thing about Herb?

    Herb's sense of humor makes every Herb Chambers Company have an amazing balance of fun and professionalism.

    What is your favorite part of working at Herb Chambers?

    Not only is Herb Chambers among the top places to work for 10 years running, the opportunities to grow within the Herb Chambers network are boundless. You truly get an equal amount of effort and investment returned in exchange for your hard work.

    Sincerely Yours,